How COVID-19 is driving forward the QLD Caravanning Industry

December 22nd, 2021

Throughout 2021 and Covid-19, travel and holidays haven’t been at the top of the list for many Australians. However, one of the upsides has been everyone’s resourcefulness and appreciation for what we already have – which is, the great Australian outdoors!  

It is estimated that in March 2021, a whopping $1.3 billion was spent on the Queensland Caravanning and tourism industry, which is comparable to the Cruise ship industry pre-Covid. Caravanning has also hitched a ride on millennials bucket lists and social media feeds, with it being trendy to travel freely in a renovated van. We have had stories of people being lucky enough to  remotely work and enjoying a ‘minimal’ lifestyle, which is not a trend not predicted to die down anytime soon!  

Covid-19 has gotten many more travelers exploring or rediscovering their own backyards this year when people have been restricted by unfortunate border closures, and this has significantly changed the caravanning industry. People have realised that this can be a more affordable and sometimes more flexible way of travelling, allowing them to bring their whole family, including their four-legged members to the pet-friendly Jolly Swagman Accommodation Park! We love hearing all of the stories our guests have to share about the amazing and wonderful things there are to see and do around Queensland and Australia. We look forward to seeing you soon and hope that 2022 is less stressful and a lot more fun for everyone!

Jolly Swagman Accommodation Park