Must-eats for the travelling foodie

June 29th, 2022

Toowoomba is a foodie’s paradise, packed to the brim with restaurants, cafes and takeaway to suit every tastebud. Many of the best spots to eat are hidden away, down laneways or side streets, that only the most curious of travelers would find. To ensure you don’t miss out on some of Toowoomba’s hidden gems, we’ve collated a list of our favourite eatery’s that locals love.

Steak and Chips at Fitzys Toowoomba

A hearty steak from Fitzys Toowoomba


One of the best ‘All Rounders’
(And a gluten-free paradise!)
Address: 153 Margaret St, Toowoomba City
Website: fitzys.com/
Note: Bookings recommended

Fitzys is a popular pub/restaurant in the center of town. Their refined menu of quality food and drink make it a great destination. If you are coeliac, consider Fitzys a ‘must eat destination’, with almost every meal on the menu gluten free!

“We take GF seriously. We offer GF sauces, GF beer and also have a separate, dedicated GF deep fryer. Guests can enjoy chicken schnitzel, arancini, crumbed fish, or a burger and chips in confidence! They don’t have to settle for a salad at Fitzy’s ? although they can have one of those too!”


Cube Hotel

For the best steak in town
Address: 169 Margaret St, Toowoomba City
Website: cubehotel.com.au/
Note: Bookings recommended

Have you ever eaten a perfectly cooked steak that is still sizzling hot all the way to your last bite? The Cube Hotel is a must visit for the steak lovers out there, with only the best cuts on offer. Served to you on a hot rock, you can sear each bite of mouthwatering steak as you eat, so it’s always cooked perfectly to your liking…and hot to the very last bite.

Muller Brothers

Muller Bros

For the Meat Lover
Address: 25 Bell St, Toowoomba City
Website: mullerbros.com/
Note: Bookings recommended

For something a bit different, consider the unique, Brazilian BBQ Churrasco experience. All you can eat, with waiters (passadors) wielding a constant supply of different meats, served straight to your plate. Skewered and seasoned, a variety of fresh and high-quality meats are seared over fire to lock in the natural juices, before they are served, table to table to each guest’s preference for a truly distinctive experience. You are sure to leave full and satisfied!

Muller Bros also has a Rooftop bar for cocktails and shared plates, as well as Café for sweet and savoury treats, including delicious pies that are created using their Brazilian BBQ meats.

Delicious food at Ortem

Delicious dishes from Ortem


For the best Breakys
Address: 15 Railway St, Toowoomba City
Website: ortem.com.au
Note: Bookings recommended

Worthy of the worlds best travel and food magazines (well, in our opinion anyway!), Ortem thrives in flavor, imagination and appearance.

You’ll be drooling as each meal leaves the kitchen, and wishing you could order more than one main!

Previously only open café hours, Ortem has recently started trading on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner.



Encores at the Empire

For a fine dining experience.
56 Neil St, Toowoomba City
Website: encores.com.au
Note: Bookings recommended

Situated next-door to the historic Empire Theatre, Encores is the perfect destination if you are chasing a high-class romantic location for your next date night. The Empire Theatre is also a must-see destination, this historical theatre is breathtaking inside, and features shows ranging from comedy, ballets, music concerts and more.   


Delicious dining at the federal hotel

Tonnes of delicious hearty meals to choose from at the Federal Hotel

Federal Hotel

Just around the corner!
111 James Street, Toowoomba City
Website: federalhotelmotel.com.au 

Located just around the corner from Jolly Swagman, the Federal is a favourite of our visiting tradies. Filled to the brim delicious options, you’re going to have a hard time choosing what to eat! Our absolute favourite meal is the pork belly with sticky maple sauce, followed closely by the salmon patties on the senior menu – YUM!




Cultural Cuisines


Turkish food restaurant

Savour and share at Sofra

Sofra Turkish Cuisine

Address: 164 Margaret St, Toowoomba City
Website: sofra.com.au/
Note: Bookings recommended

The meaning of Sofra, is a table prepared or set for eating. With one foot in Asia and the other in Europe, Turkey is a rich melting pot of social and culinary traditions dating back to ancient times. The result of these diverse influences is a vibrant, ever-changing cuisine with a harmonious blend of ingredients and techniques drawn from both the Mediterranean and the East.




La Pizzaiola

Address: 173 Margaret St, Toowoomba City
Website: lapizzaiola.com.au/
Note: Bookings recommended

Freshly made pasta made on the premises and utilizing Italian imported ingredients for authentic flavour, you’ll be licking your lips after visiting.

La Pizzaiola has an wonderful little Italy atmosphere, and a delicious range of pizzas, pastas and traditional Italian mains.


Original Saigon – Trâm Việtnam

Address: 286 Ruthven St, Toowoomba City
Website: tramvietnam.com.au/
Note: Relaxed Dining

Trâm Việtnam is one of those restaurants filled with soul. It’s simple, tasty and gives you the warm and fuzzies like it was made by your great aunt. 


Chong Co crispy salad

Flavorsome and crispy salad from Chong Co

Chong Co Thai Toowoomba

Address: Grand Central Shopping Centre (Lowest level)
Website: thaifoodtoowoomba.com.au/
Note: Bookings recommended  

Behind beautifully composed food presentation, familiar flavours of traditional dishes are maintained while the experienced chefs push the boundaries of form, texture, and temperature.



Alright now it’s time to stop reading and get out there and eat some food!



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